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More time…

Posted by swewi on July 2, 2013

…that’s all I need. More time please! But at the moment, it’s just not there. So any creativity I do, needs to be done FAST!


My Project Life is a little like that, I grab a few minutes where I can to try and stay up to date. Have you seen my pages? They’re over at my old photo blog; http://swewi365.wordpress.com/.


And the LO I’m about to share, it took me a whole 20 minutes. It’s for the latest comp over at the Crate Paper blog, the theme is polka dots. Maybe not overly showing in my LO, but I’m happy with it and I’m happy to have got some time to create 🙂


Little Miss Elsa was telling me a looooong story and I took some photos. Love her animated face!


so very special


so very special detail

so very special detail 2

so very special detail 3


Amazingly, a 20 minute LO creates at least 30 minutes of tidy up – so off I go to do that right now!! Thanks for stopping by!



5 Responses to “More time…”

  1. topkatnz said

    You rock…I wish I could do a 20min layout, but I’m more a 20hour girl…and sometimes I even stretch that to 20days…xx

  2. Vicki said

    Awww got to love those long stories they tell. Fabulous layout.

  3. mandyb said

    oh sigh!! i am the same…..takes me ages to tidy then i cant be bothered!!
    thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. lfnanna said

    Sååå snygg! Jag är så dålig på att scrappa snabbt och beundrar verkligen dem som kan. Önskar att jag var bättre på det!

  5. phaerygurl said

    I’ve got so many supplies (not that’s stopped me from getting more :P), I don’t know if I’ve ever created in 20 minutes. And of course, there’s the clean-up. Terrific layout! Those are the cutest moments.

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