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Posted by swewi on February 22, 2013

So. Obviously I am the one choosing the products for the Crazy Monday kits. With a little input from a friend or two, but it’s mainly me. So I shouldn’t feel stressed about scrapping with the kits you would think?


The February kit was a HUGE challenge for me to scrap with. It’s GORGEOUS and I love it, but it’s just not what I normally use nowadays. But I gave it a fair crack, and the LO in the previous post is a new fave of mine. The LO on show today – not so much. It’s OK, but man I struggled. I love every single piece of paper in that kit, and I love the embellies. I just couldn’t seem to put it together nicely.


But my subject for the LO, young miss SIX – she’s happy. So I’m happy. And another LO is added to the pile to organise, and another LO showcases what you can do with the Crazy Monday kits. Here you go:




6 detail


6 detail 2


15 Responses to “Challenged!”

  1. mandyb said

    very cool…..and i struggled with this kit too
    but thats the point of a kit club
    to challenge you in OH SO many ways!!!
    thanks for giving me that push!!!

  2. phaerygurl said

    I would have struggled myself, so girly and pink. I can be pretty girly, but pink I am not!:) Great job with the materials, really!

  3. Ana Gell said

    Hi from Ana – I am heading to AE 2013 – I have 3 daughters and always looking for gr8 pages to plagerise LOL 🙂

  4. Hi, I really like this layout! Especially the zip!!!! I have girls as well and I love being inspired, I like the different shapes you have used too!

  5. Lynda Geary said

    Hi Ditto I think the zip is really cool!!! The blue paper with the white dots brought back memories of a dress my daughter (now 26) had when she was 6. Like the pink ribbon circle you have created for the back ground.

  6. Teryl said

    Hi Annelie, I too gave not yet used this kit as it is all so lovely but I am unsure where to start with the prettiness. A good challenge to use different papers to the norm I go for. Love your LO 🙂 Thanks for the sponsorship at AE, sad we will not get to catch up.

  7. Fiona Angus said

    Love your layout, it is just so gorgeous, thanks for your sponsorship at AE 2013!!

  8. Love it. Thanks for your AE sponsorship too… see ya there

  9. donna said

    that looks so grovey with the ribbon roll on AE 2013

  10. carroll said

    Wow cool site, love it roll on AE 2013

  11. Jo Limpus said

    Cute layout, looking forward to Autumn Escape and your products!!

  12. Karen Morrow said

    Lovely clear photos of your layouts, love the work you have done. Looking forward to a weekend of indulging at Autumn Escape 2013

  13. vicki said

    love your blog, lots of inspiration, I will be back…..

  14. Sue Bull said

    little flowers are my fave! love your layouts

  15. megan said

    well I love it and those papers are beautiful!

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