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Ode to Chipboard

Posted by swewi on December 11, 2011

Chipboard – oh how I love thee… Let me count the ways…

1. painted with “smooch”

2. painted with crackle paint

3. nekkid

4. drawn and rub-on-ed on

5. used as a mask


6. stamped on

7. painted & glossy accented

8. being the focus of the page

9. glimmermisted

10. sewn on

And yet, there are more ways to use it!!!

Do you love chipboard?? What do YOU do with yours??


6 Responses to “Ode to Chipboard”

  1. Hi Annelie,
    WoW what a fantastic group of layouts and so many different ways with Chipboard.
    I like using crackle paint and maybe a sprinkling of diamond dust. 🙂

  2. Mrs Frizz said

    oh wow – gorgeous creations … and as for sharing them like that – very inspirational …

    Me … I’m another one that likes my chipboard with crackle paint and diamond dust … but I have to be honest and say that I don’t dig into my stash often enough – it just sits …

  3. mandyb said

    hee hee when i saw the nekkid bit i was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????

    love it!!

    thanks for sharing…as for me ….i dont really use chipboard!!! **gasp**!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Vicki said

    Definitely not as much as you do. LOL. Mine does tend to just sit around as I forget about it – lots of great ideas there.

  5. heidi said

    I’m just loving your new style Annelie, absolutely gorgeous scrapping chickie

  6. chipboard = love

    No need to say anything else chicky! I share the lurve…

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