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Cheery Lynn

Posted by swewi on August 11, 2011

A couple of months back, I bought three dies from Cheery Lynn. I am in love, and have used them for many things. So, seeing they have a DT call I thought I’d share them with you and put my hand up with all the other 100 or so über talented applicants!


So how have I used my doilies?


I have used them for my almost 5-year old’s birthday party invites:



On layouts:




On this card that will be going to a dear friend very soon:



And the ugliest project I’ve done in a while, but most fun to do, and most appreciated project by the girls in a long time – a snow cloud:





Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon!


6 Responses to “Cheery Lynn”

  1. Danice said

    MWAHAHAHA! that just PROVES great minds think alike!!! i was just wishlisting a bunch more cheery lynn dies!!! good luck and fingers crossed!

  2. topkatnz said

    the doiles on the cards are great!

  3. mandyb said

    see now those first 2 D_______ (sorry cant say the word!!!!!) look great…not d________ at all!!! love the red one and the white against the red…..
    love all your show and tell items…..and what a cute cloud!!!!

  4. Hannah said

    Ooh, I love all the ways you have used doilies! And your cloud is TOO CUTE! 🙂

  5. Trace said

    Lots of great ideas there Annelie.

  6. Monnah said

    Vilket underbart moln! Jättekul idé.

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