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I am lucky

Posted by swewi on July 2, 2011

I am reasonably healthy. I am married to a great guy who says he loves me almost every day. I have two gorgeous, independent and smart daughters that loves me unconditionally. I have a family who cares about me and my family, who keeps in touch on a regular basis. I have many great friends, and a few really, really dear friends who I love, and they love me for who I am. I have a job, and they pay me OK. It’s not my dream job, but it’s a good place to be for me at the moment. I have a car that takes me from A to B without too many problems. I have a house to come home to every night, and in that house I am warm, I have a comfy bed, a shower with hot water, and technical stuff that makes my everyday life easy and comfortable. I have food, and I have never NOT fed my children five times a day. I have clothes to keep me warm, and my kids have more than enough of clothes too. I have a hobby that I am passionate about, I have materials and tools to use for it, and I have enough products to be able to send some to others from time to time. I am lucky and I am grateful.


Thanks for reading this. I just needed to say this for reasons I can’t really share here. But in the end the reasons doesn’t matter. I just needed to say it.


Challenge #2 is up on Challenge Me Happy, and the designers have done a fantabulous job again! This time we have a colour challenge. I would be so happy if YOU would participate! This time the winner gets a Tim Holtz die kindly sponsored by Scottie Crafts! This is my take on the challenge:


Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to everyone who takes time to leave a comment. I’m really bad at that myself! Have a lovely weekend!


11 Responses to “I am lucky”

  1. Danice said

    Good effort Annelie, i think sometimes we all need to say that stuff out loud! and i love the layout!

  2. Alison said

    Sounds like you are in a good place right now.

    Love the layout and the white space with little splashes of colours looks fantastic

  3. Hannah said

    Good girl for saying it how it is! You know I get that. Yes, you ARE lucky. And I am lucky to have you as a friend šŸ™‚

    GORGEOUS layout … I just love it so much!! Love the colours. I really want to try and get this challenge done (says she who said that about the first one but failed miserably, LOL).

  4. Sonya said

    Stunning page and its great that you are happy with your ‘lot’ in life Annelie…we all should stop and think just how good our life is now and then, instead of growing about what we havn’t got. Thanks for reminding me just how great my life is as well….I needed a reminder tonight! šŸ™‚

  5. Sonya said

    whoops…I meant growling!!

  6. Thank you for leaving me a comment for being such a great friend .
    Its good to say it out loud and to take stock of our lives and to remember much love there is around us.Every day I get a hug attack from my darling man sized boy I will always treasure that…..

  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Big hugs my friend … and I too am loving that layout … and I really just ran out of time, had good intentions with your first challenge, honest I did, will try and do better …

  8. Trace said

    Fantastic layout Annelie. I’ve got mine done and will put up in the next day or two. Love that you can see all the good in your life right now.

  9. mandyb said

    yip we need to say this OUT loud often!!!!
    help remind us to be thankful!!!

    love the layout too

  10. topkatnz said

    What a nice read. It’s good to list all that stuff sometimes and realize just how lucky we all are, and not to focus on small negatives:)

  11. gaye said

    yeap..my constant saying at the moment…to count my blessings and not focus on the stuff that is not so good and that we can not change.
    i have just sent my take on the latest challnge.. i loved all the design teams takes…i love the colours used..so me!!!

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