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Posted by swewi on June 9, 2011

This post have been a draft for a few days now. Just haven’t got around to push “publish”! My new adventure Challenge Me Happy is taking some of my time, but that’s all good. I hope you have all checked out the blog and found us on Facebook!


I just have a couple of LO’s to share. LO’s that I have done for challenges on various sites! Having lots of inspiration at the moment, but not a lot of time to make use of it, so the LO’s below are quite simple. Still, I like them, and I like the style I tend to create in at the moment!





There. Better push that “publish” button now and move on! Thanks for stopping by!

3 Responses to “Creativity”

  1. mandyb said

    wahoooo for the new site…..i cant wait looks fun!!!

    and i spy some SC stuff on those layouts!!!

  2. Mrs Frizz said

    fabulous … all three of them … but seriously loving that layout with little Miss Elsa … wowser, she is growing up far too quickly.

  3. topkatnz said

    Watching that new site – can’t wait to see what comes next:)
    Love all those layouts and the lovely colours used.

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