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God Jul – Merry Christmas!

Posted by swewi on December 24, 2010

It’s been busy these last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve been busy too! But finally, all presents are wrapped and are lying under the tree. The kids are excited, but finally asleep. All food is bought, and this year we’re gonna be pretty healthy actually. But – there are of course home made treats to nibble on for anyone who’s keen!

I made teacher’s gifts for Tova’s six teachers, and one for Elsa’s carer. They were very well recieved. I always want to make them something special, because they really do such good work with my girls.

Tomorrow my inlaws will come for a Christmas breakfast, then we’ll have a few days JUST THE FOUR OF US until I start work again on Wednesday. I’m SO looking forward to some quality time with my family, I REALLY am… Then, it’s not long to go before Elsa tur’ns two, and THEN my mum and one of my sisters are visiting from Sweden! Can’t wait!!!

OK, so this is a rambling post, but hey. Why not?

A few nights ago, my camera decided to die. Not the best timing really… I was devastated. Even though I had extended warranty, it will take WEEKS before I get it back, or a new one if needed. The thing is, I’m not a great photograpeher, BUT I LOVE taking pictures of my girls, our everyday life, and all the important moments. Then of course I scrapbook all of that, so the thought of NOT having a camera is just NOT working! Thankfully, a wonderful scrapbooking friend of mine (hi Debs!) are lending me her spare camera, so I will be able to document these next few weeks THANKS TO HER. The scrapbooking community really is amazing, and I am so grateful to be part of it.

OK, so I should really share something creative now, and then maybe have a wine… 😉

Here are Tova’s teacher’s gifts. Little boxes filled with home made treats. (Not as pretty as Vicki’s but OK…)

Of course Tova wrote her name on the back of the tags!

Then, the jar filled with goodies, for Elsa’s carer:

Would also like to share a little paper wreath I made for the Allt om Scrap Advents Calendar a couple of days ago. Go visit the blog for a little tutorial!

With this I wish you and yours a merry & peaceful Christmas. I will be back before the new year to share my 10 favourite creations for 2010. Have you chosen yours?

Much love – Annelie


6 Responses to “God Jul – Merry Christmas!”

  1. love all your creations, and doesn’t Debs just rock she awesome happy to help anyone out if she can…..and as for the scrapbooking family yip got that right when i was sick in may i was totally amazed by all the support from wonderful people im yet to met….

  2. Vicki said

    Love your teachers gifts and that Tova wrote her name on the gift cards too. They look fabulous. I would hate to be without a camera at this time of year too so well done to Debs. Have a wonderful Christmas and I’m sure you will have 2 very excited little girls in the morning.

  3. mandyb said

    merry christmas to you too….love all the things you have created….very lucky teachers!!! have a good day tomorrow.

  4. Mrs Frizz said

    God Jul my friend …

  5. Cath. said

    God fortsättning på julen! Kramar i massor!

  6. God Fortsättning och Tack för det fina julkortet som kom via mailen 😉
    Önskar dej också ett Gott Nytt År

    Kram Aase

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