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Posted by swewi on October 11, 2010

A few weeks back, some of the designers at Allt Om Scrap got a lovely box with wonderful supplies from the Swedish shop Creativica. In the box was some LOVELY paper from the Swedish manufacturer “Maja Design”. Here are the four LO’s I made with the sponsored material, check out the ezine for detail shots!

That’s it for today. More to come later in the week! Thanks for stopping by!


6 Responses to “Sponsored!”

  1. mandyb said

    love the brightness if the last few….btw what does the last one with the numbers say???? clciked on the link but in another language so still doesnt help me!!! lol lol!!!

  2. Lilo said

    Allt du gör är så otroligt fint!!! Kram!

  3. Hannah said

    These are all fabulous!! Like Mandy, I’m curious about the numbers on the last one and what they mean … 😉

  4. Anna said

    Så mycket härliga färger! Älskar dina LOs! 🙂


  5. Cath. said

    Jag gillar verkligen dina layouter! Och “Mitt liv i dagar” är underbar både i färg och tema! Kram, ha det gott!

  6. Hege said

    WOW vad mycket fint det var här inne. Älskar “Sommarlek” i detta inlägget. SÅÅ fin.
    Kram Hege

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