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Changes are afoot… and a RAK!

Posted by swewi on July 19, 2010

My life is changing. I’ve started looking for a full time job, and went on my first interview today. After being home for about 4 years (with a few months break, working in the Scrapbooker’s Delight shop in Auckland) I am going to be seeing my girls WAY LESS in the future. That is if someone hires me of course, but the chances seems pretty good.

This probably means a little less time for my crafty projects as well, but we’ll see. Who needs sleep, I mean really?


So, to celebrate these changes (because change is good, right?) I have come up with another RAK. Of course I am un-organised, and I don’t have a pic of the goodies that I’m going to send somewhere in the world… But it’s going to be some stuff from some of my fav MF’s at the moment, so pretty good I think!

To win this RAK, I’d like you to tell me yours or your family’s favourite every day meal. I don’t need you to write down recipes (unless you want to), I just need some inspiration to try some different stuff for my family. And I will possibly have to start cooking my hours away in the weekend, to fill the freezer . Because if I am lucky enough to get a full time job, dinner MUST be easy to sort!

Please leave a comment IN THIS POST before midnight 31st July to be in to win. I will send worldwide!

OK, enough rambling from me, how about some LO’s?

First, the latest sketch from Creative Scrappers:

Products used: Kaisercraft papers & embellies, BG buttons, Cosmo Cricket & Webster’s alphas.

Then, for Julie’s sketch over @ Scrappin’ Patch:

Products used: BoBunny papers & embellies, BG buttons, Webster’s & Prima alphas, and a little bit of sewing too!

A LO for the theme “pain” over @ SWE Scrapbook blog:

Again, I’ve used BoBunny papers & embellies, Prima bling, AC thickers, Rose Moka mini alphas, & a gorgeous butterfly from Magistical Memories that I have painted with Tim Holtz crackle paint & I also put some distress ink on too.

OK, get your dinner tips in, and I’ll see you soon again!

21 Responses to “Changes are afoot… and a RAK!”

  1. mandyb said

    ok my recipe is the best and very easy…learnt it when i was a nanny….
    Pour rice (as much as you want)over the base of a greased dish.
    add chicken pieces
    make up chicken stock and pour over rice….
    sprinkle beef stock cube over the chicken….
    add herbs, salt and pepper to taste
    cover with foil and cook till juices run clear (and the rice has absorbed the liquid!!!
    this is yum and tastes yummo the next day!!!!

    enjoy (and fingers crossed for the jobs)

  2. harbourgal said

    Pick me Pick me… I need some cool stuff.. and you have such COOL stuff! I am definitely into inspiring dinners right now. The ones my family seem to love the most are the traditional ones, home made lasagna (including the PASTA) and home made spaghetti pizza. Both a bit time consuming though. I like that you can freeze lasagna and make enough for another meal – makes it perfect to take out when you a busy working mum. Hmmmm, other suggestions. Meal plan so that you know what you are going to have each night – I find this way less stressful.

  3. Anna said

    Usch, ja. Det är jobbigt när man måste lämna barnen långa stunder. Särskilt när man inte är van vid det… :-/ Men det går säkert bra. Hoppas att du får jobbet!!!

    Matildas favoritmat är paj, och vi brukar göra pajer i baspannestorlek så att vi kan både äta och frysa in. Matilda gillar paj med spenat och fetaost (och äggstanning), och med broccoli och skinka (och äggstanning). Pajdeg kan man också göra i förväg och frysa in, ifall man vill. Då är det bara att plocka fram den på morgonen så tinar den under dagen och är klar att bakas ut på kvällen när maten ska lagas. 🙂

    Annars för snabbmat: fläskpannkaka!!! 😀

    Och snygga LOs, förresten. Gillar särskilt den första. Har miljoner knappar här hemma, men jag glömmer jämt bort att använda dem. Får nog testa senare idag. 🙂

  4. Tanya W said

    okay first up your right who needs sleep lol i have survied for some time now on as little as 5-6 hours a night lol, and good luck with the job fingers are crossed for you….love all your layouts as alwasy, love those birds and the bird paper….now meals mmmm its hard pleaseing everyone in this house, my favourite dinner is caserole with boiled potatoes and carrots, jacquelines is home made pizza with spagetti, cheese ham and pineapple on it she can eat a whole one, i am happy to email you the recipe for the base and codys favourite is crumbed chicken pieces (boneless chicken pieces) and mash spud and gravey and peas and carrots (the mash spud and gravey are nice between your fingers and the peas are great for popping and then cracking up at ) lol

  5. Vicki said

    Good luck with the job interview – keeping fingers crossed. Our family favourites are a self crusting quiche, bolognaise pasta bake, and carbonara. For me anything that doesn’t require that last minute thinking about what to have and do the preparation would have to be anything made in the slow cooker.

  6. lynne1 said

    Wow gorgeous LO’s Annelie. All the best for hearing back about your interview. I am looking into the work thing too now, so understand the thoughts of getting organised with meals etc.
    My fav quick meals are home made pizza…we just put what we have in fridge on it, and home made burgers…yummo

  7. Alison said

    loving your layouts, love the purple in that last one

    marinated chicken
    chicken pieces( i usually use legs and have about 6-8)
    3 tablespoons tomato sauce
    3 tablespoon honey
    3 tablespoons soy sauce
    3 tablespoons brown sugar
    3 tablespoon orange juice
    1 teaspoon ginger( i use stuff from the jar for this and the garlic)
    1 teaspoon garlic

    you can double this if you need more chicken pieces, put into casserole dish cover and cook till chicken is ready, i serve this will mashed spud and peas with a spoonful or two of the sauce over the top.

  8. Bronwyn said

    Hi Annelie
    Good luck getting your job – fingers crossed for you
    A crockpot (slow cooker) is awesome when working full time I chuck roasts in, in the morning just do the veges when I get home
    I also use alot – maggi cook in the pots – once agin put in meat and whatever else it says and mixture only need to do spuds/rice when I get home (hint if you don’t like crunchy onions microwave for a short time before adding
    All the best

  9. Mich said

    Our (well Finn’s especially) fav is Mac Cheese – normally make a double batch and freeze the second serving!
    Also the slow cooker is great, just chuck ingredients in it in the morning and at teatime you have a delicious meal!
    Fingers crossed it’s good news after the interview 😉

  10. Hannah said

    My family’s favourite meal is Meixcan Fajitas! I cook the steak in the slow cooker for 9 hours, just use blade/chuck steak with a tin of tomatoes and some spices over top, then cover with sliced onion and capsicum. Then at dinner time, put tortillas and other fillings (lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese, grated carrot, sour cream, etc) on the table and everybody makes their own!

  11. Joanne said

    wow gorgeous layouts! Good luck for your interview/s 🙂 Our fave meal is Nachoes, my partner loves when I make them, oh and bacon and egg pie! yummy!

  12. Rachel said

    Oh our family fav is curry chicken and fried rice! makes a little chicken go a LONG way! and it is yummy!
    Thanks for the chance and good luck on the job front!

  13. Sally said

    Good luck on the job front. You should get paid heaps for all the design work you do.

    Kids love mini meatballs. They can be quickly baked on grease proof paper and freeze well. Also Alison Holst’s ‘sweet chilli chicken’ done in the slow cooker is easy as. Coat chick pieces in flour. Mix 2T tomato sauce, sweet chilli sause, apricot jam and soy sauce in bottom of slow cooker. Add chick. Cook. I have added carrots and peas which work.

  14. Beckie said

    Good Luck on the job front, hope that goes well for you. Our favourite easy meal is spaghetti bolognaise, even my 1 year old loves it!! Your can just freeze the mince and when it’s time to eat it, you can just put the spaghetti on to cook while the meat is heating, super easy!! Not very flashy, but always very yummy LOL
    Your LO’s are gorgeous!! I love the Hey Birdie PP from Kaiser it’s so cute. What have you used fo make the paper flourish on the ‘pain’ LO or is it a diecut? Looks awesome anyhow!!

  15. Karen said

    Each week I buy a whole chicken and cook it in the crockpot. You don’t need to add any liquid to it and the more recent crockpots brown the skin. If I’ve bought a larger chicken I will use the leftovers in a stirfry (using frozen vegs and a packet stirfry sauce) the next day. I work full time 4 days a week and there is nothing worse than walking in at 6pm and starting a meal from scratch.
    Good luck with the job hunting.

  16. mrsfrizz said

    Quite often my slow cooker comes out at night … I plonk the meat in still frozen, grab a can of tomato puree/paste and a can of tomatoes and pour them in as well, plus a sprinkling of herbs, I tend to grab the containers off the racks and go for it and my wee secret if I am using meat, meat and not say turkey drumsticks or something like that, is a sprinkling of brown sugar on over the beef – true!!!! In the morning I peel and cube a couple of potatoes, carrots and onions, throw everything together and turn it on … haven’t had a dud yet, honest!

  17. Just gorgeous layouts ….. just wanted to say hello, and thank you so much for your gorgeous comment for my RAK giveaway a couple of weeks ago.

    I really appreciate you hoping over ……and visiting my little blog.

    hope everything is well and sunny with you.

    steph xo

  18. Ambra said

    Hi! For a easy meal I suggest you stuffed rolls made out of finely sliced raw beef, cheese slices, speck ham and a sage leaf. 10 minutes in a pan and you are ready!

  19. Moma said

    Så vackert Annelie! Så olika stilar men lika snygga alla!

  20. Jane Hambly said

    Pork fried rice.Free range Pork sznitchel cut into little pieces and cooked in the wok I use rice bran oil at the same time cook 1 cup of rice 2 cups water long grain in the microwave about 11 minuets(can be done the night before.Add 1/2 a bag of your fave frozen stir fry veg a little minced garlic soy sauce and 1 tlb of smooth peanut butter(if no one has a nut allergy). In another pan make a 2 egg omelette.Add the rice to the pork and veg fold in cut the omelette into bite size bits and fold in .This will make enough for you to freeze for another night.
    Janes free range pork fried rice…….

    Love your lo’s hope all is well and as soon as stuff quitens down and I get a me day I’m coming to see ya……

  21. Lianne said

    One of my favourite recipes that doesn’t take a lot of prep. time is the Pineapple Chicken recipe that I found on the back of a Maggi Onion Soup packet.

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