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13 years ago…

Posted by swewi on March 15, 2010

…my life was very different to what it is today. The worst day of my life was on January the 7th 1997, and I have done a page about that. I think it’s VERY important to not only scrap the happy moments or cutsie stuff, but I know how HARD it can be to do just that. This page was for SWE Scrapbook blog, but I have done pages about my cancer before, and will most likely do more pages about. It’s such a big part of my past, my present and my future. I am happy and healthy right now, but the experience of cancer has made me who I am today. As it turns out, cancer was not only the worst thing in my life, but also the best. It changed who I was in so many ways, and that can only be good… I believe in change…

For this page, I used a photo taken about four months after I got the diagnosis. I used Bazill kraft as my base. The chipboard circles from Magistical Memories was sprayed with three different glimmermists, then inked and I used my fav leaf stamp from Montarga. The flower is made of Prima leaves, then you can also see Prima pebbles and alphas on there. I have also used alphas from Carolee’s Creations, MM and Webster’s. I just really wanted to make sure my journaling is the main focus, without making the LO to depressing… If you don’t understand Swedish, and want to know more about the journaling, let me know.

So. Here we go:

I have some more stuff to share, but I feel that this LO needs a post to itself… Be back soon!!


10 Responses to “13 years ago…”

  1. Tanya W said

    I so agree with you and I scrpabooked the other day about a end of a long friendship coming to the end and going to do a page about the break up with codys dad i think it helps to do the not so good stuff as well….I never knew you had cancer and what a great layout even though i can’t read it but love the layout great idea to scrapbook it……hugs to you too…your an amazing person

  2. Trace said

    Yep, part of life is the good with the bad…

  3. Hannah said

    You know I totally agree with you on this one! What a great page. I love that you have scrapped about this; it’s an important part of your life, one that changed you and one that you will want your girls to know about when they are older.

  4. AnnaB said

    Jag tycker så väldigt mycket om den här sidan! Den är alldeles fantastiskt och jag håller med om att det är så värdefullt att scrappa även om det svåra och tunga. *kram*

  5. Alison said

    Sad that cancer seems to be a part of alot of peoples lives but I think its great that you can scrapbook about it. While i dont read swedish I think its a great layout. I think sometimes the harder things in life that we deal with shape us into who we are today and make us stronger people.

  6. Michelle W said

    Hi Annelie… what a lovely layout. I totally agree that things that happen to us make us stronger and become part of who were are. Sometime, I would love to hear about it, if you are willing to share.

  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Unfortunately life throws us real curve balls from time to time and some of the time we could have done without them. You are the person you are now, because you threw another curve ball back in that direction.

    Big hugs.

  8. cattis said

    En helt fantastisk layout! ♥

  9. Heather said

    Beautiful layout. I love your coloured circles.

  10. Inger said

    Jättefin LO. Jag gillar texten du har skrivit och hur du har skrivit den. Jag opererades själv för cancer för ca ett år sedan och hoppas att jag också ska kunna skriva om det. Nu kämpar jag mest med mina tankar varje dag och jag hoppas på att gå vidare som du. Tack för att jag fick läsa. Ha det bra!

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