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Posted by swewi on April 28, 2009

I got an email yesterday, with some happy news! Scraprelated? Yes… Can I share yet? No. But soon. All I can say is that I’ll probably be doing more LO’s in Swedish than I have before. But then, who knows… It’s great to know more than one language!




In the meantime, I have no LO’s to share unfortunately. But maybe a card? How does that sound? 😉 I’m definately not a cardmaker, but am happy with this one. Had fun with some kindyglitz, some glimmermist, ink, rhinestones and some Prima goodies…


News to be revealed soooooooon…




3 Responses to “News”

  1. Mrs Frizz said

    Come on — you can tell me … I won’t tell anyone – honest!!!

  2. Trace said

    Beaut card there Annelie – now hope this new Swedish news is going to be released in English for us LOL!

  3. Tanya W said

    man your cards are as stunning as your layouts 🙂

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