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Catch up

Posted by swewi on March 19, 2009


 I’ve neglected my Sweden album lately, so I thought it was time to do a couple of LO’s. The baby on the LO above is my best friends daughter. Isn’t she gooooooorgeous?? I just love the face she makes on that photo!


The next LO is about dancing, I’m sure you got that… It’s also an example for this fortnights sketch challenge over at the Sketchbook, by the amazing Rachel. (sorry, the link thing isn’t working, see sidebar for links!)


 This next LO is for the same sketch. I’m not particularly happy with how the LO came out, but the photo and the journaling is the main thing on this LO, so I’ll share it anyway!



Sigh. I’ve been writing this post for hours! Oh. Is that what being a SAHM is??  Better organise lunch for Tova… See you soon!!!


10 Responses to “Catch up”

  1. Hannah said

    It’s always a pleasure seeing your layouts, Annelie! 🙂

  2. Trace said

    Love seeing those gorgeous layouts of yours Annelie.

  3. Tanya W said

    love the layouts and your friends baby sure is a cutie and yes the look on her face is cute 🙂 and yes it takes me all days sometimes to do one update on my blog in bewteen cody and eating cleaning etc etc lol

  4. I’m sure you have hundreds of them, Annelie, but I have put you up for a “Lovely Blog” award on my blog – I so admire how many lovely layouts you output, especially considering you have a toddler and a little bubba…

  5. Sue said

    🙂 Love your blog …!! 🙂 Sue from Cocoa Daisy.

  6. Vilka underbara layouter med fina,glada färger..
    Fotot på den översta är ju bara sååå sött! =)

  7. Camilla said

    Vilka snygga layouter du skapat!
    Gillar speciellt den översta, du har fått till den så fin med foton, färger och rubriken!

    Kram Milla

  8. Verligen härliga layouter du skapar. Och vad häftigt att du bor i New Zealand , dit skulle jag verkligen vilja åka !!! Ha en bra dag

  9. Ida said

    Oj va mycket fint du har skapat. Har aödrig varit inne hos dig förut men hittade hit genom Hildas rums utmaning. Ska titta vidare och garanterat komma tillbaka och inspireras igen. Kram

  10. Annelie, I just love love looking at your layouts…Can’t wait to catch up at the Retreat and meet your little princess…

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