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And the winners are…

Posted by swewi on March 2, 2009

…drumroll please…




   Lynne and Tanya W!

Lynne will get my box of stamps and Tanya will get my box of miscellaneous stuff. Congratulations! Use them well… 😉


Please email me (or PM me, since we’re on the same forums) with your addresses so that these can be sent to you.


That will be all for tonight as I’ve got the flu, and baby Elsa is very unsettled. Check back soon though, I’ve got more to share!


2 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. lynne1 said

    Oh hun I hear ya on sucky flus….me and my wee girl have a head cold too.
    Hope you get better soon.
    Thanks for the stamps have Pm’d you on patch.
    Have a fab day, keep warm and hope someone is looking after you too.

  2. Congrats ladies, and Annelie, I hope you and Elsa are all better soon.

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