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Valetine’s inspiration

Posted by swewi on February 9, 2009

It’s a lot of fun happening over at the Scrappin’ Patch forum. Lots and lots of challenges, and this week the design team is sharing some ideas for Valentine’s day. I made a card for my DH, have mostly used Jenny Bowlin pp’s and embellishments. Tomorrow I’ll share a LO about looooooooove… 😉




Oh – I almost forgot! I got challenged by Anna/morfen (a scrapping Swede, married to a kiwi!!!). This is the challenge:


  • Go into your “My pictures” folder
  • Go to folder no 6 and choose the 6th photo in that folder
  • Put the photo on your blog, and tell your readers about it
  • Challenge 6 others by comments on their blog to do the same

Here’s my photo – it’s one I love actually! It’s Ahipara beach, up north in NZ. DH took me there during a visit to his family who lives nearby in April 2005.




And who do I challenge to the same?




Mrs Frizz





Have fun ladies!!!


4 Responses to “Valetine’s inspiration”

  1. Mrs Frizz said

    OMG this is more than a challenge … new computer, no idea how the folders work in Picasa as yet … gorgeous card too btw.

  2. Hannah said

    Gorgeous card! Reminds me, I have to make one for my DH …

    Thanks for the photo challenge. I won’t do it because I did it a few months ago (and the photo will be the same, LOL). But thanks for sharing yours, Ahipara is a lovely spot 🙂

  3. Trace said

    Right Miss Annelie, I’ll take up your challenge!! Will have to wait till later in the week though – committee meeting tonight – just catching up on as many blogs as possible so there isn’t a huge big load for me to read!

  4. Great cards Annelie. I will definately take up your challenge. Fortunately it is an ok photo in that particular spot on my computer so I will happily use it! I have an award for you on my blog to (which you may have had already but if you have you can have it again because you are pretty amazing!)

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