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Posted by swewi on February 3, 2009

How did this happen? January is over, and it’s now February. I guess having a baby, having visitors from overseas and moving house would make time fly. Yep…


Haven’t done much scrapping, go figure. 🙂 But that’s OK. I’m sure I will. Soon. I hope so anyway…



This is what I have to show you anyway. The first LO is for Scrap the girls  February challenge. It’s a GREAT one this month, be sure to check it out. And there are amazing prizes to be won, as always!



The LO is about Tova’s first trip on a train, for my Sweden albm. It’s a 8 x 11.5″ LO!


And then – my first LO with baby Elsa!! 🙂 She’s only 30 minutes old in this picture. MUCH chubbier now that’s for sure… And getting bald… 🙂 I’m planning to submit this LO to Prima’s frugal scrapper comp, but haven’t had the time to register yet!



And then I have done a couple of more LO’s that I can’t share – yet! Check in tomorrow night, and there’ll be at least one more!




Back to the motherly duties now, thanks for stopping by!!


7 Responses to “February???”

  1. Mrs Frizz said

    Very nice Annelie … very nice indeed … I’m surprised that you found to scrap either of them … you’re just busy enough.

    Take care.

  2. Kate Mills said

    Wow Annelie gorgeous work. How do you scrap with a little baby around??? Awesome


  3. Hannah said

    Just beautiful, Annelie! Let me guess, you unpacked your scrapping stuff before anything else after you moved in, right?! Got to have those priorities right, eh?

  4. Tracy L said

    Oh, look at little Elsa!! So gorgeous, Annelie. And I am also amazed that you have got any scrapping done at all!!

  5. Morfen said

    Du har fått en fotoutmaning i min blogg. 😉 Kram

  6. GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of little Elsa- She is beautiful! Can’t believe you are scrapping already – and here was I whinging that I couldn’t get anything done because of renovations and visitors! LOL – You deserve a medal!

  7. I love the use of the lime green flowers encircled around your new babe – Elsa.

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