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Posted by swewi on January 18, 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’m very happy about all the cyber friends I’ve got. All through the beautiful hobby scrapbooking.  If you need to “talk”, if you need advice, there’s always someone “there”. For me – you my dear cyber friends – are very important, and I thank you for being part of my life! I’ve met a few of you, and hopefully I’ll meet more of you as time goes by!!


One of my dear cyber friends have given me an award!  🙂  Thank you Mrs F!


The Marie Antoinette Blog Award










This is for bloggers who keep it real, and I’m supposed to nominate 7 more bloggers for this award. I see a few of my favourites has already got the award, but I have no problem finding 7 more bloggers deserving it. So, here goes:


Kate M









If you’ve already been awarded – well done!






Well, believe it or not, I actually have some LO’s to share as well. I’ve been continuing with my speed scrapping, and got a couple of simple LO’s done. Here we go:

This first LO is about how Tova is like her daddy’s shadow. Whatever he does, she want to help. Very cute. Hence, the title “daddy’s little helper”



The next LO is about Tova’s beloved bedtime teddy – “the dog”. Unfortunately it got lost on our last day in Sweden, and she hasn’t accepted any other teddy to be her special friend after that. The journalling is in the rolled up paper, I’ve attached a pic of it for you who understand Swedish… 🙂





































And then a super simple LO for my Sweden album – “Lovely days with nana”.




Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to everyone who leaves a comment. I am quite bad at that myself, so it’s VERY appreciated that you take the time to say hi!!!

9 Responses to “Awarded”

  1. Wow these are awesome Annelie, just love them! More inspiration for me…

    I agree Cyber friends rock and are there for you when ever you need them….

  2. Hannah said

    Just beautiful!
    I really love the first layout – she is soooo cute! 😉

  3. Kate Mills said

    Thanks for the award Annelie. Great lay outs. Hope the baby is doing well. Glad to see you finding time to scrap.


  4. Trace said

    I am in awe of you Annelie – you have a new babe and a toddler and here you are showing us more wonderful layouts – do you sleep girl LOL??!

  5. great layouts Annelie – I don’t know how you find the time with a new baby and a toddler. No excuses for me then huh!?! LOL

  6. Lesli said

    Absolutely beautiful LO’s! When do you find the time?

  7. Heidi said

    Hiya Annelie – hope all is going well with Bubba, just to let you know that I have nominated you with a LOVELY BLOG AWARD, on my blog

  8. Zarah said

    TACK! Vad go du är!!

  9. Kelly said

    Ohhh! that little dog…. My Mr 7 still has his one – “Rusty-pup” and it still gets snuggled to death every night. Did Tova’s one get found? I’ll keep my eyes peeled, cos I’m sure I’ve seen very similar pups around the place.

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