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Where have I been?

Posted by swewi on December 10, 2008

I’ve been here. At home. Mostly just sitting down, feeling hot and fat… And sore. Can’t wait for this pregnancy to be gone burger!! (nice kiwi lingo, yes?) So. I have not been in a blog mood. Scrapping though, that’s different!!! I’ve done quite a few LO’s, and some OTP’s. Was happy to finish off  Tova’s teacher’s presents, as they had their Christmas concert yesterday.




So, to sum up – I didn’t place in the Pyssel Passion comp, and I didn’t make Magistical Memories DT. Both very expected, but off course I’m disappointed! I’m very happy with what I ended up creating for both things though, and I feel I have outdone myself from time to time. Gotta love that!!!


Time to share then, what I have been up to lately. The last LO is my entry to the latest “Stars in their eyes” challenge over at Scrappin’ Patch, where Mou Saha was the inspiration. Very different, but I love how it came out!!
















Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for letting me moan about the pregnancy. I know it’s almost over, but the last weeks are always the hardest, right?


8 Responses to “Where have I been?”

  1. bronwyn said

    Wow you have been bust creating lots of Yumminess they are gorgeous
    Must admit I can so relate to the pregnancy thing and I didn’t even have the hassles you have – hang in there

  2. Hannah said

    Those layouts are gorgeous, Annelie. I’m sorry (and surprised!) that you didn’t make either of the DTs, but definitely be proud of the beautiful work you did for each.
    Sorry you are feeling so hot & fat – the last weeks are the hardest and the 2nd pregnancy is a lot harder than the first! Hang in there, not much longer!

  3. Monnah said

    “Moaning” är helt okej. Önskar dig några fina veckor trots att det känns tungt nu! Hoppas att julhelgen blir riktigt mysig till exempel.

  4. Trace said

    More gorgeous layouts – and go ahead and moan all you like LOL!

  5. Paula said

    I love that LO Remember to Dream … very inspirational.

  6. Kate Mills said

    Hi Annelie,

    what gorgeous works you are creating. Love them. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get on those DT. Good on you for going for it…. I’m usually too scared. I find the rejection sets me back too far.Still I’m getting better at just going for it. Hey, any tips on getting the STG’s blinkies to work. Isee you have one on your siggy on the forums but I cannot get mine to work. A friend wrote an HTML code for one of them but how did you do it???


  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Hey you – not long to go now chicky babe … number 2 will be here soon enough and have you run off you feet … enjoy any rest time between now and then my friend.

    Awesome creativity!!!

  8. Oh, whinge away – if you can’t complain on your blog, where can you?? My sis had her baby a couple of days ago, and is much more comfortable now – I hope for you that the time goes quickly! So sorry you didn’t make the DTs you applied for; they obviously don’t know what they are doing – your work is so lovely! The pages you posted are just gorgeous!!

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