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Advent calendar

Posted by swewi on November 20, 2008

Today on The Sketchbook forum, I’ve done a post about a little advent calendar. Goes like this:


In Sweden, pretty much every household with kids has an advent calendar up during December. We fill it up with small pressies rather than lollies, but if you’re lucky – the odd chocolate is snuck in there… So, I decided to make a small one for my daughter, as our house is not very big.




But it’s only three socks, you say?!? Yes, that’s the clever part… I have put velcro under the nubmers, so that I can just change numbers as the days go by.





How to:Draw a template and cut out; trace onto patterned paper – two mirrowed socks for each sock you want to make. Sew together around the edges of the sock, leave a small border. If you’re lucky enough to have a sewing machine – use it! It takes quite a while to do it by hand, trust me…  Decorate tops with felt, paper or ribbon, and whatever you fancy. Glue a ribbon loop inside.


And, if you don’t want to make 25 socks, just do a few and put velcro onder your numbers, and they’re easy to change! I got velcro by the metre at Spotlight.

Cool isn’t it?!?


Well, I’m sure there was something else I wanted to share, but my mind has gone blank so it will have to be another day! CIAO!!

I’ve also managged to update my previous posts with some links. Better late than never, aye… Oh – and if you’re thinking of getting yourself some Magistical Memories  chippies, now is the time. They’re offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over 25USD until 30 November. COOOOOOL!!!


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