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Check this out!

Posted by swewi on November 5, 2008

One of the most popular scrapbooking blogs in Sweden “swe scrapbook blog” has chosen one of my LO’s for their scraplift challenge! Go check the contributors lifts, and why don’t you join in? The dealine would be November 10th @ 10am if you’re in NZ…

It’s one of my “older” ones, but still one of my favourites! Loooooove the photo… The title says “you two”.



And while I’m here, I’ll show you another couple of LO’s from my weekend. The first one says “premiere in the sandpit”.





Thanks for stopping by. And – I’ll have some more stuff to show you tomorrow, so check back then!


4 Responses to “Check this out!”

  1. Trace said

    Congrats Annelie!

  2. Hannah said

    Congrats, how cool!
    Your layouts are just so beautiful – even more so in real life. And for someone who HATES hand cutting, you do a wonderful job of it!

  3. Hi Annelie, I have finally visited your blog!! Hannah is right, your pages are so stunning IRL. Congrats on the Swedish blog! Glad you enjoyed the retreat, and yes, it was very tiring – even though I didn’t do anything. Thanks so much for the white pen!! It’s bound to get a lot of use. I have added you to my Google Reader now, so will be back.

  4. cattis said

    Så mycket härliga layouter det var här nu sen sist jag kikade in! =) Den översta är ju Underbar!

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